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Customer review of Mrs Barnola, Teacher in Vocational School

MetalFox offers an educational version that is used by many state an private trainings centers in the world.

“MetalFox is an intuitive and easy to learn online software for apprentice sheet metal workers.
The remote access allows students to do exercises at home, before programming CNC cutting in workshop.
The retrieval of flattening Files by download or e-mail is also very easy.
DXF viewers allows to do theoretical sessions to prepare the manufacturing: work on the economic cut with the values of the needed sheet, manufacturing sheets with the bending angles, or welding cost estimation using the lengths of the welds.
Everything can be made at a distance, outside of class hours, and on any computer equipment made available to the student.
The student even has the mass of the part, of the needed sheet and the percentage of scrap.
Creation of student accounts is easy and fast and there is the possibility to move students from one class/group to another.”

Céline Barnola, Vocational Teacher, “National referee at the French state vocational school”

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