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MetalFox subscriptions

MetalFox subscriptions for regular users.

MetalFox subscriptions for regular users.

For companies that regulary need to flatten sheet metal parts, as it is the case for most metalworking and piping companies, MetalFox offers four subscriptions levels.

These MetalFox subscriptions meet the needs of companies of all sizes and business activities.

In addition, MetalFox subscription are one-time subscriptions, which greatly facilitates administrative procedures, while guaranteeing users a software that is always up to date at no extra cost.

The number of jobs that can be performed (except for the free ones) depends on the subscription taken out.

At the beginning of each cycle, the balance is resets.

You can change your MetalFox subscription whenever you want. Your balance will then be carried over to your new subscription.

MetalFox subscriptions are without commitment and can be suspended or stopped at any time.

Suspension of a subscription will stop all direct debits. They resume automatically when you reactivate your subscription.
If the subscription is cancelled, direct debits will be cancelled. Any remaining balance can be used until the end of the subscription cycle.

Subscriptions can be combined with permanent tokens.
If the balance falls to 0 or if you suspend your subscription, permanent tokens will take over to allow you to carry out your jobs.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our teams at: contact@metalfox.net.