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MetalFox permanent tokens

Use MetalFox permanent tokens for occasional work.

Use MetalFox permanent tokens for occasional work.

For companies that work in areas close to metalworking / piping and that flatten parts from time to time, or those with irregular activity, MetalFox permanent tokens are the ideal solution.

One token can be used for a job, no matter how complex it is.
Permanent tokens do not have a use-by date.

Moreover, from the history of your parts, you can modify the parameters of the welds at will; number of welds, welding clearance, position of the welds, etc., without costing you a single token (see our FAQ: “MetalFox tool” for more information).

MetalFox permanent tokens can also be combined with MetalFox subscriptions. For example to deal with a temporary increase in activity.

Of course, the ten cost-free Shapes, such as i.e. the cone and cylinders cut by planes do not cost a token.