MetalFox Education

MetalFox Education has been specially developed to meet the needs of training centres.

MetalFox Education is:

A school master account that offers teachers:

– Unlimited access to all MetalFox software features.
– Easy creation of student accounts via the administration of MetalFox Education and grouping them by class or level.
– The ease of generating exercises for the students, sorted by classes. The students can then use MetalFox either on classes, at home or even at their companies.

Secondary accounts per student, immediately usable simultaneously and without prior installation, from PC, tablet or Smartphone.

Using MetalFox Education, teach how to generate sheet metal flattening layouts to your students from wherever you are.

It has never been easier to perform sheet metal flattening layouts with students, in classrooms or from workshops, on PCs, tablets or even the students’ Smartphones!

A well-known and widely used tool

MetalFox Education is used by a lot of prossional schools, adult education centers and many vocational and technical high schools of many europeans countries education system. It is also used more and more in all the world.

Free access to many exercises and assignments

Our team as well as our community of teachers and enthusiasts share with all MetalFox users their educational resources, tutorials and many self-composed exercises: